The PC Haberdashery: Stretched out Collar T-Shirts

I don’t know if this trend has spread to civilization (aka America) yet, but it’s so prevalent here in the UK that it’s inspired me to write my first update to the Haberdashery in nearly a year.  What is the source of my inspiration?  Stretched out collars on t-shirts.

When did it become fashionable to walk around wearing a shirt that makes it look like you just got in a fight and lost?  There are 2 type of people who wear these shirts (well probably more, but only 2 with comedic value).

1) Juiced up muscle heads looking to show how “jacked and tan” they are.  These guys take more pleasure in showing of their own cleavage than ogling their partner’s (if they’re lucky enough to have one).  At least in the UK, the stretched out collar is bound to be accompanied by tatted up arms which are strangely devoid all hair like they’re preparing for an Olympic swim race.

2) Skinny “hipsters” who wear these shirts because of the inner sense of rebellion they feel walking around in something that looks like it was donated to Goodwill by a more sensible person.  Though admirable in their self-confidence, they are severely lacking in their self-awareness.  No one looks good in a stretched out collar shirt, no one.

So the next time you’re shopping for new Ts, stick to the traditional collars.  The crew neck or high v-neck are standards that flatter every guy.  And if you disagree with me, you’re probably a tea party-er.


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6 Comments on “The PC Haberdashery: Stretched out Collar T-Shirts”

  1. Justice says:

    Maybe you’re just jealous you don’t have the muscles or the sense of rebellion to pull it off.

  2. Samuel Adams says:

    What is so wrong with being a tea party-er?

  3. Big F says:

    Good advice. “Justice” should be renamed “Childish”.

  4. Samuel Adams says:

    If childish is how you characterize the event that set your country on a collision course for freedom you are right “big f.”

  5. Abraham Lincoln says:

    That’s not how I feel about the matter.

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